Acne scars revealed


Some things are with us forever, like our tattoos. Unlikely tattoos, scars are not chosen by us and most times unwanted. Unfortunately, teenage years are often accompanied by acne and other skin troubles. Dermatologists love acne scars because they are different size and color that healing them is intriguing. However, there are some lucky people who have never seen a pimple on their face but I really doubt you to be one of them, especially if you are reading this article.

The difference between a mark and a scar

Yes, there is a difference between acne marks and acne scars. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation appears after every a pimple and it is usually a red spot or brown mark. These marks will vanish in few weeks or several months if the inflammatory was really big. You could fasten the recovery period using some cream with panthenol in it. It will give your skin needed vitamins. It is really important to prevent your skin from direct sun exposure not only when you have acne marks. Having healthy tighten skin means little exposure and a lot of sun screening oils and creams. Permanent marks are completely different because they are formed because the skin lacks collagen. There are only 2 ways of fixing them properly — laser procedure and dermal fillers. Atrophic scars could be ice pick scars, boxcar scars, and rolling scars.

Ice pick scars are called this way because they are formed like someone punches the skin with an ice pick. This type of acne scars are deeper than bigger but this doesn’t mean they can be erased easily, says Other two types of scars differ by their edges. Both types are shallow but boxcar scars have defined edges while rolling scars have rounded edges. However, often dermatologist is able to define only what type is the scar but not what might have caused it.

Body response to every acne lesion can be two types, too. The first is producing too much tissue which becomes a hypertrophic scar. The second one is producing too less tissue which we all know as an atrophic scar. Most people can’t wait to see a pimple and try to poke it which is the biggest reason for forming scars. If you don’t want your face to need fixing then you should stop touching your pimples. Sounds like an easy job but actually, most people can’t do it.



How to prevent a mark becoming a scar?

Use sunscreen daily even when you are dressed. Sun has the ability to penetrate through clothes so if you are dressed this doesn’t mean you are completely protected. Sunscreen creams have a good formula that will save you a lot of money for dermal procedures later. One simple mark can pigment and stay on your face forever if you don’t protect your skin from sun lights. Always use SPF 30 or bigger because smaller numbers are not strong enough to protect you properly.

If one mark has already become colorful, then you should check some skin brighteners. Pigment-lightening creams have vitamins, retinol, kojic acid, and hydroquinone. Have in mind that this type of cosmetic can’t be used on a scar that is red or pink. Unfortunately, these scars can be removed only with laser therapy.

Dermal fillers are another very successful method to get rid of acne scars permanently. Hyaluronic acid will fill the depression and will improve the look of the skin. Dermal fillers contain exactly hyaluronic acid, but they will not last forever. Most dermal fillers are consumed by our body after 6 months up to a year. So if you want to have results permanent you should repeat the procedure at least once per year.