Breast augmentation and exercises after

breast augmentation exercises

A decision to have a breast augmentation is as easy as going to the store. However, the recovery after the surgery is not. Actually, most patients report that they hated that recovery, although they love their new breasts.

Breast augmentation is easier than ever

Your plastic surgeon probably has explained to you that breast augmentation surgery is not scary at all. Silicone or saline implants are inserted into the breasts through a small incision. Another type of breast augmentation is fat grafting where fats from patient’s own body are used. However, most common type of augmentation is with implants. The recovery period is harder because the tissue needs time to adapt to the new size. That is uncomfortable and painful especially for not so elastic type of skin. How fast the patient will recover depends on his own abilities, strength and immune system. First few days, physical activities are prohibited. Even they were not, the patient still can’t exercise because pain is a severe one. Movements of the whole upper part of the body are limited including raising arms. The first week is only for adapting. The second week, the patient should start to gain energy back. As soon as she has her power back she should start to do light cardio or slow cycling. Until the body is fully recovered from the surgery stress, exercising should be more for the mind not physical. Of course, when the patient is ready, a special regime is necessary.

What are the exercises for people who had breast augmentation?

Most breast implants are positioned under the major breast muscles that are called pectoral muscles. Inevitably resistance training affects pectoral muscles and that’s why they are not recommended for the first four weeks. Our bodies are amazing tools and they have a certain way to incase the implants. This is happening thanks to capsules, or so-called scar tissue.

Women can have exercises for the lower body, like leg presses, squats, and lunges. It is important to squat without weights. Cardio should be light, as we mentioned above, the first month after breast augmentation surgery. Running and especially jumping are forbidden because the type of the motion can ruin stitches and damage the shape of breasts. If the patient need core strengthening then it should be done really carefully.

breast augmentation swimming

What women shouldn’t do after breast augmentation surgery?

  • They shouldn’t lift objects heavier than 2-3 kilos. If you want to bring a heavy purse, give it to someone else to carry it for you;
  • They shouldn’t push or pull heavy objects (including your boyfriend’s car door);
  • Weight-lifting;
  • Push-ups;
  • Be careful with Pilates exercise because they don’t look heavy but they have certain ways of stressing muscles;
  • Don’t play tennis and golf because they involve arm’s strength;
  • Cleaning and reaching out higher than the head.

When the patient has survived the first four weeks then the plastic surgeon examine his strength and recovery level and gives her permission to work out. This doesn’t mean that she is able to weight lift immediately. Slowly she might start arm and chest work out.

Don’t think if you are not working out you will become fat

Yes, I know that you probably get used to fitness regime but a little holiday will never ruin your results. Your breasts are an expensive thing so don’t ruin them with impatience. You might rupture them, cause yourself some internal tears or something worse. That’s why instead of focusing that you are not in the gym, you might focus on your meal regime and healthy eating. Recovery time after breast augmentation is the best time for new healthy menu or some experiments in the kitchen.

What you should do is to prioritize healing and resting. Find some good movies and try not to imagine yourself fat and lazy. I promise you, that you are not going to lose your shape for one month rest. Sometimes, we forget that we have other interests except the gym and exercising. When was the last time you have a new hobby? Although some of your muscles will start to atrophy don’t panic and remember that you will get things right soon. This process is inevitable that’s why don’t overreact over something that is not in your power. Drink more water and think about all new bras, you are going to buy after you recover.