What is the difference between a breast surgeon and oncoplastic breast surgeon in Singapore?

woman with big breasts enjoying a pool

Aesthetic surgeons are qualified doctors with higher expertise in plastic surgery. Although this branch of the medicine and all experts in it, including breast surgeons, has a bad glory, plastic surgery doesn’t only encourage vanity. It is not a very popular fact that people who survive through incidents also need plastic surgeries if some part of them is damaged. Breast […]

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What you don’t know about laser pigmentation removal

woman with too many freckles pigmentation

Pigmented lesions might vary a lot. People who have their face and body covered with pigmentation spots know that they appear from different things including sunbathing and ageing and can be removed only with laser pigmentation removal. When the human body gets older some vital ingredients start missing and the body is not able to produce them in enough quantity. […]

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Eye lift tricks at home

cucumber eye lift mask at home

If you are like me and most girls these days, you probably hate when your eye bags are the biggest thing on your face. You probably try to hide them with makeup and eye lightener but it didn`t work. Yes, we know. Eye lighteners usually only highlight eye bags and make them worse. That`s why we choose to give you […]

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Breast augmentation and exercises after

breast augmentation exercises

A decision to have a breast augmentation is as easy as going to the store. However, the recovery after the surgery is not. Actually, most patients report that they hated that recovery, although they love their new breasts. Breast augmentation is easier than ever Your plastic surgeon probably has explained to you that breast augmentation surgery is not scary at […]

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Rhinoplasty – Everything you should know about it

nose surgery singapore two noses

How many people do you know that had a plastic surgery in Singapore? Top rhinoplasty surgeons like dr Samuel Ho are in Singapore so people from other countries have the opportunity to use their proficiency. Although we will focus on rhinoplasty today, you should know that Singapore is famous with affordable plastic surgeries price list so people can have a […]

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Help … I am losing my hair

propecia side effects

People are so scared that they will lose their hair that most of them have nightmares their hair falls down. We can’t blame social norms but most children grew up with the idea of a princess with long thick hair and a prince with an envious hairstyle. However, the reality is far different. There are plenty of medications for hair […]

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Vaser Liposuction make me love my reflection

vaser liposuction results

I have always hated my tummy, but after 2 pregnancies things got worse. I have tried to eat healthy food, stop drinking soda and alcohol. The result was disappointing. I have read that every diet needs time to start working but I suppose waiting is not my thing. Eventually, I quit. My best friend made me go to the gym. […]

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Acne scars revealed


Some things are with us forever, like our tattoos. Unlikely tattoos, scars are not chosen by us and most times unwanted. Unfortunately, teenage years are often accompanied by acne and other skin troubles. Dermatologists love acne scars because they are different size and color that healing them is intriguing. However, there are some lucky people who have never seen a […]

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What is dermal filler purpose?

injecting dermal filler

Have you ever wondered what dermal fillers are? Their name sounds like a gel which is injected but yet they dissolve under your skin so it is not exactly a gel. Do you think that Botox is dermal filler, too? Botox is not dermal filler, and we will explain why. We will answer a lot of questions concerning the structure […]

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