What is the difference between a breast surgeon and oncoplastic breast surgeon in Singapore?

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Aesthetic surgeons are qualified doctors with higher expertise in plastic surgery. Although this branch of the medicine and all experts in it, including breast surgeons, has a bad glory, plastic surgery doesn’t only encourage vanity. It is not a very popular fact that people who survive through incidents also need plastic surgeries if some part of them is damaged. Breast surgeons in Singapore like those at DreamPlasticSurgery are experts in breast shape and form. They are able to cover damages of ageing and to hide the force of gravity. Breast surgeons make a cut in a patient`s body and insert implants in her. They sew her up and look after her recovery. Women are able to use the miracle of aesthetic surgery and to increase their self-esteem with an easy surgery. Sounds amazing but some people think differently.

What type of people are more breast surgeons?

We mentioned already, that plastic surgeon doesn’t encourage extreme and fake shapes and vanity. They are more aesthetes than most people expect. Sexual attractiveness will always go together with big breasts and plastic surgeons just help women to achieve it. Some of the Breast surgeons in Singapore have their education in Singapore while others receive it in abroad. Of course, every university offers different experts who lead the education but in general in Singapore plastic surgeons who practice are one of the best in the world. They first study general surgery and then specialize in plastic.

To be a breast surgeon in Singapore means that you have to become a friend to your patients. Some of them need not a judge but a friend. The breast surgeon should know how hard is to be a woman in this world. Most people don’t realize but women have more than one task these days – they have to be mothers, they have to be successful in their career, and they have to look attractive. There are numerous studies in which (unfortunately) it is proven that women can’t earn attention if they don’t look attractive. So plastic surgeons can’t afford to judge patients who want to be better received by the society.

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What type of plastic surgeon is oncoplastic breast surgeon?

They are aesthetic surgeons who are experts in oncoplastic surgery. In other words, women who had breast cancer and need to remove a part or the whole breast go to an oncoplastic breast surgeon in Singapore. As you may guess, these patients don’t suffer from excessive vanity. They don’t have low self-esteem because they have too small breasts they are about to lose part of their femininity. This is more than stress it is the idea that you become less woman. There is no aesthetic surgeon, who will remain indifferent to this.

Oncoplastic breast surgeons are experts in breast oncology. They provide breast reconstruction and remodelling. They are able to remove the breast and to reconstruct it again during one surgery. Of course, first, the patient has to choose the type of implant he would prefer. Some women want to remove both of their breasts because they are afraid cancer will come back, and they don’t want to go through removing breast surgery more than once. That`s why oncoplastic surgeons are amazing experts in their field. Although removing lumps can be a fast procedure, removing both breasts and inserting implants might take some time so breast surgeons are also very durable.

Breast cancer is not a joke and women have to go to regular check-ups. Unfortunately, most women forget or ignore this recommendation and cancer crawls in their bodies quietly. There are many initiatives, which populate the idea of regular check-ups so if you have skipped visiting your doctor last year, better call him/her today.