Rhinoplasty – Everything you should know about it

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How many people do you know that had a plastic surgery in Singapore? Top rhinoplasty surgeons like dr Samuel Ho are in Singapore so people from other countries have the opportunity to use their proficiency. Although we will focus on rhinoplasty today, you should know that Singapore is famous with affordable plastic surgeries price list so people can have a wide variety of plastic surgeries in this country – including breast enhancing, face lifting, liposuction, etc. That’s why the chance to know someone who had a plastic surgery or had written a review for a plastic surgery in Singapore is a big enough.

What are the common causes of having rhinoplasty?

  • Nose surgery for breathing problems – this is a health issue that prevents patients to breathe normally. There are different reasons for an impaired way of the air. For example, sometimes trauma or injury can provoke bad breathing channel. Another case is when the problem is congenital. Both times surgeon should find the best method to improve the air stream and let the patient breathe calmly. Of course, thanks to ageing congenital breathing problems might become worse;
  • Nose surgeries for deviated septum – the reasons again are trauma or a patient can be born with it. However, it could cause nose bleeding, trouble to breathe while sleeping and even headache;
  • Nose surgery because of symmetry – this reason is pretty simple. People want to be beautiful so if their noses are not accepted as beautiful then they look for options to change it.

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What are the different types of rhinoplasty in Singapore?

While the world is evolving, medicine is not waiting for a miracle, too. There are specialists who constantly create new treatments and procedures. In addition, most plastic surgeries, like rhinoplasty, or so-called nose job, has improved technology compared to the one 30 years ago.

If the patient has small imperfection but wants to have a nose job then the right solution is to consider a non-surgical nose job in Singapore. Thanks to different fillers, aestheticians can alter nose shape easily. Of course, this is applicable only if changes are small ones. If your patient wants to remove a bump or has really bad symmetry then the surgical nose job is what is needed.

Internal or external rhinoplasty – what should I get?

When the surgeon cuts and shapes your nose from the inside without an open wound from the outside – it is called internal rhinoplasty. The internal nose job is not a proper one for tip changing. People who want to alter their nose tip should have external rhinoplasty. To be honest, it sounds scarier than it is. The external method gives freedom to your surgeon to achieve better results. The incision is a small one and it is healing really fast because of the nature of the wound.

When is it better not to have a rhinoplasty in Singapore?

Although if you open rhinoplasty clinic reviews, you will never find when it is better not to have it, we will tell you.

Some patients really struggle to breathe, and they desperately need the surgery. Another group of patients don’t have health problems and want to change the nose slightly. For this group, it is a better decision to look for another method instead of surgery. Purely cosmetic cases are often a product of vanity. Of course, sometimes patients have low self-esteem because of their nose shape and in this case, the best idea is to make the surgery before self-esteem hits level zero. The most important thing that all people should remember is that perfectness is not natural and beauty is not only in the perfectness.

However, there are people who have suffered through a great nasal trauma and their cartilage is not the whole one. The reason might come from previous nasal surgeries or an incident. In this case, rhinoplasty is not recommendable especially if the patient doesn’t have breathing troubles and want to improve only slightly his appearance.

Another dangerous territory is unreal expectations. Most people know that they should trust their surgeon fully not only before but after the surgery also. Sometimes, people don’t share what their real expectations are and after the surgery, they are disappointed. This is not a medical problem, this is more like trust issues. However, your surgeon can be the only one to point out the expected results. Achieving the best means the best for a certain patient not in general and the best varies.

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