Eye lift tricks at home

cucumber eye lift mask at home

If you are like me and most girls these days, you probably hate when your eye bags are the biggest thing on your face. You probably try to hide them with makeup and eye lightener but it didn`t work. Yes, we know. Eye lighteners usually only highlight eye bags and make them worse. That`s why we choose to give you some useful homemade eye lift tricks that you could use. Have in mind that you will need patience and repetitions before seeing any results, if you lack patience you’ll have to find a professional who can help you with getting the double eyelid lift. But if you’re not like that, keep reading to see what we have found.

What are the best eye lift tricks you could do at home?

There’s always time for tea

Although social media and TV series have occupied our free time there is always time for tea. Especially, if you can use tea bags for a homemade mask. Boil some water and soak two chamomile tea bags into is for e few minutes. Pour the tea in another cup and cool down the tea bags. When they are bearable, put them on your eyes. The rest is enjoying the next 10 minutes with closed eyes and drinking your tea. Chamomile tea bags have an anti-inflammatory effect and your eyes will lift little by little.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

When it comes to your eyes, it is definitely the egg. Grab one or two eggs from the fridge and separate egg whites. Use your fingers and apply them on your eyelids. You will instantly feel how egg whites tighten your skin. Stay like this for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You will feel relieving effect with residual tightening.

Break the ice

Ice is a metaphor for many things but when people use it for dermatologists purposes it is literally ice. Cold has the amazing ability to shrinks blood vessels and to limit blood flow. That`s why when we hit somewhere we usually hear this piece of advice “You better put some ice on that”. Ice doesn`t have the ability to heal but it can reduce swelling. If you have a long night in front of the monitor or drink too many cocktails last night, then you probably will feel relief when you apply some ice on your eyelids. Have in mind that the ice will not cure a headache. Don`t apply ice cubs directly to your skin because it will stick. Use some bag or a cloth.

Grapes: The fruit of the gods

Unfortunately, all of us reach the moment when they start to age. Ageing is not about more tv series and slower walking it is a cellular process. This literally means that our cells age no matter what we do. However, if your diet is a healthy one and you drink enough water you might prolong the youth as much as possible. Grapes have this amazing ability to affect a cellular ageing so it is worth including them in your diet. The fruit of the gods has something divine after all.

grapes eye lift mask at home


Some acids have an amazing effect on the skin. The top acids are ascorbic acid and caffeic acid – guess what, you can find both of them in cucumbers. Do you know that the most refreshing smoothie is from cucumbers? Grab a cucumber from your fridge and cut two slices. Apply them on your eyelids for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. If you think that slices can`t stay on your eyelids smash some cucumber and apply the mash.

Get some beauty sleep

Sleep is a biological function that might accomplish miracles. Don`t think that someone will give you a reward that you are staying late at night every night. Actually, you will get a reward – eye bags. One of the most popular pieces of advice for eye lifting is “Get some sleep”. People are different and have different needs so if 8 hours for you are not enough, don`t worry and sleep as long as you need.

Makeup tricks for eye lifting

Find a colour tone that is close to your own and apply it to your lower eyelids. Then highlight the eyebrows with darken eyebrow pencil. Right after the eyebrow use lightener. This effect will give you fresher look and will deceive people near you that you don`t have eye bags. However, don`t forget that one eye lift mask at home is always a better choice than hiding.