Gynaecologist — how to choose the right one?

pregnant woman

The gynaecologist is a specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Gynae is another famous name for these specialists. However, men don’t have to visit gynaecologist because they are specialized in women’s health only. The things a woman can discuss and examine in gynaecologist’s office are pregnancy, artificial insemination, ovarian cysts, hormone therapy and menopause. Of course, there are a lot of other topics that gynaecologist in Singapore can consult for but these are the main ones.

Gynaecologists can be several types depending on what type of procedures they can provide to their patients. Most common type is obstetrician — these are doctors who help pregnant women to give a birth and monitor their pregnancy. These specialists will follow how the baby is developing in the mother and will read all tests results, too.

Reproductive Endocrinologists are people who are going to help one woman to have a child if she can’t become pregnant in a normal way. They consult women and recommend them therapy and procedures. Difficult pregnancies are part of what these gynaecologists meet every day.

Gynae Oncologists have patients who have gynae cancer or other gynae surgery. As you may guess, this type of gynaecologist in Singapore you can find in big hospitals, only.

To become a good gynaecologist you should have a medical education and to specialize in gynaecology. Of course, this is not enough so every successful specialist every year participate in different seminars and training. Medicine is constantly developing science so doctors have to educate themselves all the time.

When one woman becomes pregnant, she has to make a lot of choices.

One of the most important decisions is who should be her gynaecologist. Maybe for some men, this sounds really stupid because for them all doctors are similar but it is not like this at all. As we mentioned above there are 3 different types of gynaecologists, but they are divided into men and women, too. In addition, all of them have a medical education but it can be acquired in different countries. Before choosing your gynaecologist, you should answer to some questions in order to make the best choice. For example, some people don’t mind their doctor to be a man, while others think this is not a proper at all. Some people know exactly how they want to give birth because there are several possible ways, so they should look in for a gynaecologist in Singapore with proven results in this area. For example, there are C-section, home birth, water birth and of course traditional natural delivery. Have in mind that some doctors work in certain hospitals where they can lack some equipment for your chosen way of birth.

This practically means that when you choose a doctor, you will choose a hospital, too.

Think about convenient location because you will visit this hospital regularly during your pregnancy. There are a lot of tests and monitoring included.

The price is not for estimating, too. There is a big difference in the price range in gynaecologists in Singapore because of their different experience. It might not be the best idea to spend all your money before even the baby is born. If you have chosen your doctor, try to find some acquaintances that have been visiting him before and ask them about their opinion. Don’t think that you are obligated to choose one gynaecologist for the entire pregnancy. If you want to change him or her with more suitable one, you can do it. Of course, people who had one child already prefer to visit the same gynaecologist with their second child pregnancy, too.