Help … I am losing my hair

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People are so scared that they will lose their hair

that most of them have nightmares their hair falls down. We can’t blame social norms but most children grew up with the idea of a princess with long thick hair and a prince with an envious hairstyle. However, the reality is far different. There are plenty of medications for hair loss treatment but most people don’t want to jump to medications immediately. So they look for natural remedies and homemade masks. Unfortunately, most remedies like that, are not enough efficient and the results are rather disappointing.

Combs hair loss treatment.

Scientists have invented laser combs, which emitted pulses. Sounds like a good idea and in fact is not a bad one. The one downside is that the results are light. In other words, if one person has serious issues with balding, then the comb will not help. The big advantage – this hair loss treatment improves hair growth unravel Preventing is not the same as growing new hair but it is still a positive result.



Supplements for hair loss

On the market, there are supplements that can help a lot with healing causes for hair loss. Usually, there are different reasons why people start to lose their hair. Of course, treatments can be defined only by the causes of hair loss. For example, inflammation can cause losing hair constantly. It is a good choice to consult with a doctor before receiving any supplements. There is a good chance to have a better option without supplements.

Rogaine hair loss treatment

This is a topical treatment and most people use it on the frontal hairline. Thanks to its ingredients, it is capable of help hair to regrow but unfortunately, long-term results are not satisfying. People who use it, know that it should be used at least twice every day, which can be an obstacle. Imagine that your whole day is outside and you don’t have enough time to go home and apply the topic cream. This will make you skip one receiving and if it becomes regular behaviour, your treatment will be unsuccessful.

Propecia treatment

This one is for the particular case when patient’s body produce DHT. It is proven that people levels of DHT are linked to men baldness. That’s why this treatment prevents DHT from forming. Unfortunately, this pill has a lot of unwanted side effects and people try to avoid it if it is possible.

Hair transplantation

The last and the most successful method to cope with hair loss is hair transplantation. Men and women who need a permanent effect should check it. The one disadvantage is that this treatment takes time for proper results. Patients who have done the procedure said that they had improvements after one year. As you may see, this period is not a short one so every patient should know that the patience is important. The procedure is painless and the patient can rest calmly till dermatologist grafts the hairs in the scalp. The procedure involves hair grafting and attaching hair follicles to the scalp. Of course, not every hair can be attached perfectly so after the procedure, 30% fall. At this stage of treatment, most people feel disappointment. This fixed when they see the results.

Hair loss treatments can vary from pills to transplantation but the desire of people to have thick and strong hair will never disappear. If you have experienced some baldness and you are not sure what the reason is then you have to consult with a specialist before choosing a treatment.