Microblading – the evolution of eyebrow embroidery technique

the perfect eyebrow

Every woman wants to have perfect eyebrows that highlight her eyes.

If you are lucky enough to have dense eyebrows, you know what we are talking about. Women with thick eyebrows don’t have to wear makeup to highlight their eyes. For the rest, there are plenty cosmetic products. Eyebrow embroidery is not a new method.

People used to draw their eyebrows like a blue line. Usually, they were positioned too high on the woman’s face. Another disadvantage was that the ink didn’t fade fast. If you think, this is not a disadvantage, think twice. Imagine that you had done your eyebrows but then your face has changed — total disaster. Usually, women wanted to remove them, and they couldn’t. Of course, natural eyebrows were used to hide little of the thin blue or black line. In the end, women didn’t have better eyebrows, they had worse ones. Microblading evolution was needed.

Today, the process of eyebrow embroidery has almost nothing in common with the old one.

It is way more precise and the results are not scary at all. You don’t have to remove all your hairs in order to have microblading eyebrow in Singapore, explains Follicle. Old technique insists the skin to be without hairs in order to prevent complications.

Brow embroidery in Singapore has to allow girls who put make up on their eyebrows every morning to stop doing it. When your eyebrows are thick enough, there is no need to use a pencil. Every woman wants to save more time for the precious moments and applying a pencil on your eyebrows every morning is not one of them. Advanced brow embroidery in Singapore is the process of “framing” the client’s face and preserving the natural look. If we look deeper, we will find out that everything that is on your faces is connected with our self-esteem. If we ruin one feature, results can be devastated. People who have specific illnesses, like cancer, have lost all their eyebrows. For them, microblading eyebrows are something that gives them their natural look back. It is always a pure happiness to see the smile after their first look in the mirror. Of course, in this case, microblading is not partial, it is an entire reconstruction. Helping people to gain their self-esteem back is one of the best things in the world.

Using a pencil to increase the visual density of your eyebrows is a not going to damage your face or eyebrows but finding the right color can be challenging. There are people who all their lives have been using the wrong color pencil. Black color, for example, will highlight your eyebrows indeed but it will look very unnatural if woman’s face is lighter. Most black pencils have green tone, too. The lighter brown can`t be enough to highlight more bald eyebrows, too. Brown tones look reddish in sunlight and if the woman doesn’t have reddish in her hair, it looks unnatural again. All these recommendations are of the color, there are a lot of more for the shape.

Before every brow embroidery in Singapore, the specialist will draw the shape with a pencil. This is necessary because some people have troubles determining which shape is suitable for their faces. Once they have “their” shape done, they start to like their eyebrows. Microblading is not just tattooing precisely hair to hair, it is determining the right shape and color. After this treatment, clients rediscover their eyebrows more beautiful and thicker. As a result, they increase their self-esteem “hair to hair”, too.