Physiotherapy and the pregnancy

pregnancy back pain

Physiotherapists are doctors that provide rehabilitation after some type of physio injury or trauma.

In addition, they are doctors, you look for when you have back pain or have twisted your ankle or wrist. For women, physiotherapists may be a wonderworker during the pregnancy. We all know, that pregnancy will alter women body so much that we won’t have enough time to explain everything that is not the same during the pregnancy time. In general, some organs are more squeezed and function with smaller capacity, like a bladder. In addition, the body adapts to the rising weight and the new centre of it. The results are pelvic pain and back pain.

Many of the best physiotherapists in Singapore like the ones working at provide consultations and group training programs that can help pregnant women suffering from back pain to adapt and manage their discomfort more easily. A specific research shows that women who have visited such training programme prevented lumbo-pelvic pain. The research proves that needed exercises can be provided in 60 min once every week until the birth. The result is that after the birth women feel less pain. In 2007, there was another research where it was proven that strengthening exercises, water gymnastics and pelvic exercises provided by professional physiotherapists, would reduce back pain during the pregnancy, too.

If you are pregnant, what you should expect from your physiotherapist in Singapore?

In Singapore, you will be able to find a good physiotherapist in every hospital, on private practice or in a fitness centre. Every good physiotherapist will want to know what your medical history is. He will recommend you exercises that are suitable only for your condition and medical history. For example, if you have a problem with knees and experience knee pain often then more of your exercises will be on the floor without additional stress on your knees. In addition, every good physiotherapist will watch you carefully and will help while you are performing your exercises.



If the delivery will be easier with exercising why more women don’t do it?

Sometimes old understandings are more well-received than new facts. That is the reason why pregnant women are afraid to move a little. Still some doctors recommend pregnant women to lie all the time and to avoid physical exercises. The truth is that too many exercises are not useful, too. That’s why physiotherapists will tell you exactly what type of exercise you have to perform and how long. This way the woman and the child will be saved and the delivery will be as easy as possible. In addition, the recovery after the birth will be facilitated because of the presence of tightening muscles.

Physiotherapy should proceed after the birth, too. This way the body will recover asap. Most women want to pay more attention to their babies right after the birth but the golden rule is that if the mother is not in a good shape, she won’t be able to take care of the baby neither for her. That’s why mummies should first take care of their backs and physical condition and after that for their sweet, little babies.

If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Singapore, make sure you have to check all possible options. Singapore is country with a high quality of medical services and that’s why there are plenty good choices. However, physiotherapists, like other doctors, might be specialized in one certain area and you should find the right one for your case. So, do your homework and book an appointment.