“Plastic surgery chose me,” Dr. Samuel Ho says.

woman with multiple plastic surgeries

It is not possible to practice as a surgeon or a doctor and not to love people. Human beauty is something that cannot be changed or altered. Most people think of plastic surgeries as a surgery that will make them completely different — this is wrong. Media and modern world sometimes encourage people to push their beauty to the limits of acceptable. Plastic surgery should enhance and stimulate the natural beauty of women and men, not change their appearance basically. There is no professional plastic surgeon who will recommend you the opposite thing.

Doctor Samuel Ho is one of the brightest plastic surgeons in Singapore.

He is the founder of Allure Plastic Surgery and very often shares that plastic surgery has chosen him. Of course, the opposite is still true. He was first Advanced Surgical Trainee in Tan Tock Seng Hospital in 2010. Another great accomplishment was that he has received College of Surgeons Gold Medal in 2014. Have you heard of Grabb’s Encyclopedia of Flaps? This is a very important textbook for every plastic surgeon. Doctor Samuel Ho has the honor to write one of the chapters in it. He spent significant time in Seoul, Korea and received a fellowship for Health Manpower Development Programme. It was given to him by the Ministry of Health in South Korea. He was trained by one of the most experienced surgeons in the world. Very often he shares that the time spent in South Korea was really valuable, and he managed to improve his knowledge and to get familiar with all the best techniques in plastic surgery. He is specialized in facial fracture surgery, nose augmentation, breast reconstructions and eyelid surgeries. Although there are always more and more new techniques we should not forget that every man is different and needs different attention. Actually, a little more attention to details is never wrong, added Dr. Samuel Ho.

Plastic surgeons should make surgeries that “improve normal”. Patients usually want to enlarge their breasts with big implants that will leave the impression of not a natural body. The plastic surgeon is that person who should point them in the right direction. The right direction is creating a natural and harmonious look. Results from every plastic surgery should be as little enhance of natural beauty.

Doctor Samuel Ho has experience with people who want to improve their look after injuries from illnesses or accidents. Another great opportunity to every surgeon to show how good he is at his work is breast augmentation of patients who have breast cancer. Usually, women who have had cancer are very sensitive. These women just recently have lost their breasts and survived the terrible disease. There is nothing more brilliant than constructing perfect natural breasts allowing the patient to forget that she has lost hers, says Dr. Samuel Ho. The reward is hope in women eyes and the first signs of increasing self-esteem.

Women have a lot of stages in their lives when they can lose their self-esteem.

One of them is after pregnancy. Although giving a birth to a child is a miracle, there are a lot of downsides for a woman’s body. Doctor Samuel Ho shares that his wife gave him two beautiful children but after the second pregnancy, her body has imperfections who affect her opinion of herself — stretch marks, saggy breasts. All these things need to be gone if they are preventing one woman to feel “good in her skin”. “Helping women to embrace their natural beauty is amazing to experience”, said, in conclusion, Dr. Samuel Ho.