Ptosis – no one is safe

droopy eyelid sketch

Ptosis is a special condition of drooping eyelids. This condition is caused by trauma, age or different health disorders and it is not rare. The patient could have permanently or periodically but ptosis is a fact. Of course, this condition has a different effect on different people, for example, some of the patients have both eyes affected, some only one eye. When both eyes have droopy eyelids it is called bilateral ptosis – a complex name for the complex condition. Ptosis is a serious illness which could reduce your vision or completely block it. However, part of the patients looks for help because they are concerned with their appearance. However, some of the people are extremely lucky and ptosis vanishes by itself. Some of them are not, though and they need a medical help.

Before we deep in the symptoms we should first examine the causes. As we mentioned above, no one is safe from this condition.  We found out that there are several more frequent reasons for ptosis.

First one is simply the aging. As we age our skin becomes loose and muscles drop down a little bit. These movements could affect out eyelids and change their form. Of course, this is symmetrical and both of the eyes suffer the consequences of aging. It also gives the impression that the person looks tired all the time. Most of the women don`t want to look tired and old and seek a cosmetic solution. Although there are a lot of creams and make up their improvements are only temporary – a cosmetic surgery called blepharoplasty is the only one permanent choice, says

The congenital droopy eyelid is a condition affecting newborn babies.

During the pregnancy, the elevator hasn’t been well formed and it could cause a lot of vision troubles. Levator is the name of the muscle responsible for the eyelid motions.  All these could lead to astigmatism which is a serious condition. Usually, the specialists recommend a surgery as soon as possible in order to prevent developing more disorders.

Another reason for ptosis is nerve disorders.

All different kinds of brain injuries will affect nerve supply. Aneurysm, stroke and even diabetes could be the reason for weak eye muscles. Very serious illness is Oculopharyngeal which causes muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, this health condition is inherited and its treatment is extremely complex and long procedure. Progressive external ophthalmoplegia is almost the same condition but it affects younger people. One of the extremely rare diseases is Myasthenia gravis, which is a bad contact between nerves and muscles. There is no cure for this illness.

If the patient had an eye injury there is a high possibility to develop ptosis. The trauma has to be really close to the oculomotor nerve or directly on the levator muscle. Both of the places are really delicate and every trauma can destroy the working

Another illness which could cause ptosis is dermatochalasis. Its main characteristic is that the skin of the patient becomes looser because of losing elasticity.



Aging and genetic predisposition are the main causes.

There are some individual cases where the main reason is not a disease but the problem with alcohol, nutrition, smoking or sun exposure. Ptosis could be developed as a complication after eye surgery.

Droopy eyelids are not an issue which should be underestimated. If you have reasons to believe that you have this condition you should consult with a doctor. A cosmetic surgeon will be able to help you if you want to have double eyelid surgery. It doesn`t matter why you have them – natural causes or medical condition. Cosmetic surgery will transform droopy eyelids in normal ones.