Singapore Women’s Clinic – Best Tips for Choosing an OB/GYN

Pregnant women and gynaecologist

What is an OB/GYN?

The term OB/GYN stands for obstetrics and gynaecology which means that an OB/GYN specialist knows how to deal with obstetrics cases implying a pregnant woman and delivery and specialize in the business of female reproductive system including all sexual and vaginal related queries. Singapore women’s clinics specialize and believe in quality OB/GYN service for a better tomorrow. They provide a friendly environment so your lady would not feel left out. Choose an experienced OB/GYN, and do not compromise on your health because a healthier mom raises a healthier society!

When you should consult an OB/GYN?Pregnant Woman at Doctors Office

Women of any age can consult an OB/GYN, it is a myth that only married women should go to gynae and not unmarried. An unmarried can also consult to a gynae specialist because there are a lot of concerns other than pregnancy to a woman. Other concerns may include menstruation misbalancing, vaginal discharge, sexual activities, fertility issues, and other reproductive health concerns.

Singapore women’s clinic has taken a step and broke the stereotype that only a married woman should go to a gynaecologist.

You should consult an obstetrics specialist and gynaecologist if you may experience any of these:

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease – If you feel abnormal vaginal pain, discharge or soreness then you must take a Sexually Transmitted Disease or STDs test.
  • Miscarriage – Miscarriages mostly happen due to mishandling or bad lifestyle choices. Weakness is a common symptom that might put you at risk. so if you’re not feeling well, then you should consult an OB/GYN immediately.
  • Complications in or during Pregnancy – A little complication during or in pregnancy is normal but if it is unbearable or abnormal then it is the time to consult an OB/GYN.
  • Pain During Sex – Pain during sex is normal but if you feel more or severe pain during intercourse that you feel pleasure is no more pleasure to you then it is the right time.
  • Pain during urination – If you feel that your urine is passing in sessions and it is not in one flow or there is a pain while urinating then do not feel shy or shame, consult an OB/GYN now.

Best tips for choosing an OB/GYN

Female gynaecologist ultrasound exam

Health, assurance, and satisfaction are the priorities for choosing anything. You would not want to compromise on any of these. Choosing an OB/GYN can be a bit tricky why because every woman is different and so as every doctor so you would not know who would fit you the best. But here are some of the tips provided by Dr PK Tan from PK Women’s Specialist Clinic – one of Singapore women’s clinicswhich would help you out in choosing an OB/GYN for you.

  • Read the Reviews – It is true that every person is not the same and so not their choices, but an average sample response is always near to the accurate universal response. So, it would be a smart move to check out for the reviews before getting indulge in the clinic or to the specialist.
  • Check Out for Insurance Coverage – “Health is wealth” but sometimes it is “wealth is health” let us make it crystal clear for you. Check out for an OB/GYN specialist who helps you with your plan and provides insurance to you too. This way you can keep your wealth as well as health safe.
  • Gender – Did you just think that an OB/GYN will be a female-only? If yes, then come out of the shell because that is so not true on a smaller ratio an OB/GYN can be a male too so do check out if you are comfortable in dealing with a male OB/GYN specialist then why not, do approach him.
  • Look for a Professional – Well, a professional will be the best option why because they have the solutions to your problems on their tips. Also, the professionals will make you feel comfortable so that you may not feel out of the box.

The other advantage is that if you are facing a high-risk pregnancy then they would ease it with the skills and would not complicate it more.

Quality Assurance of the Women’s Clinic

Ensure everything before getting into any of the Singapore women’s clinics. Look for their hygiene, cleanliness, equipment, and most importantly the gynaecologist who you would be dealing with because you would not want your pregnancy or other sexual concerns to be put at risk.

Check Their Credentials

The expert OB/GYN’s credentials must have a website or an online running site. Do the following things:

  • From where he/she has taken a degree
  • Where is the residency
  • For how long they have been practising
  • The affiliations of hospital
  • Check the speciality
  • Check for malpractice suits
  • High maintenance
  • Do your homework

Do your homework before consulting an OB/GYN because, for instance, you had a C-section pregnancy before and your consult OB/GYN does not deal with that then your health would be at high-risk and none would want that. So, it is safe to do the homework before.

Singapore women’s clinics are held to a very high standard but if you don’t know where to start looking, I’ll help you out by mentioning one of the best gynaes in Singapore – 

Dr PK Tan at PK Women’s Specialist Clinic

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