Stomach liposuction – questions and answers

stomach liposuction differences

Stomach liposuction is a plastic surgery, which should remove excess fat in the stomach area. Some people may struggle with fat deposits that are not going to disappear no matter how many diets and exercise are present. Stomach liposuction is not a new plastic surgery so surgeons all over the world had a chance to refine it. In result, today in Singapore, there are tummy tuck surgeon experts, like Dr Samuel Ho, who has experience from foreign countries and universities and perform quality stomach liposuction. Although the procedure has not been altered through years, it has some little improvements that determine if the patient will have a lot of swelling and bruising. As short the recovery period is as experienced the surgeon was.

What are risks?

Do you know what risks are after a normal surgery? We won’t list them, but we will add these that could follow a stomach liposuction surgery. For example, if you want to remove a bigger quantity of fat deposits then you will experience greater risks from complications. It is common practice the surgeon to recommend being finite when you have expectations about how much the fat surgery will remove. Most unwanted effects of stomach liposuction are loose skin, patchy skin, stretch marks, uneven pigmentation.

Who will have the most optimal results of stomach liposuction?

People who have little fat on their stomach area and can’t remove it no matter of their efforts. Another great thing is elastic skin. If the patient has more elastic skin, the results will be better. In contrary, if patient’s skin is tight without a lot of collagen, stretch marks will appear right after the liposuction. We will disappoint people who want to get rid of cellulite with stomach liposuction – this is not possible. They should look for another option.

What exactly does stomach liposuction include?

Surgeons use a cannula to stir the fat and suck it outside the body. Of course, the process is medically pursuant and the cannula is very small. Surgeons insert it through incisions. Sometimes ultrasound is used if the fatty deposits can’t be sucked, ultrasound breaks them on little parts. In addition, there is tumescent liposuction that leaves better results and smoother skin.

Is it painful?

During the surgery, you won’t feel anything. Recovery time is a bit unpleasant, though. Most often bleeding forms under the skin and causes bruising and swelling. Another uncomfortable thing is numb feeling because of swelling. Don’t worry, all this is temporary.

Will it last forever?

The answer is yes and no. depends on the lifestyle of the patient. The fat that is removed will not come back but this doesn’t mean that new fat won’t be formed. However, after the stomach liposuction, you will not see any difference because your body will suffer the intervention for a few weeks. In a month or two, you will be able to see some improvements and make a difference. If you want to preserve the results, you should follow a healthy lifestyle and don’t let to be obese. This is extremely important because no matter developed is modern medicine if people don’t take care of their bodies, surgeons are unable to do a lot.