Three plastic surgeries you can do one week before your wedding

wedding photo couple

All cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries aim to make us feel better about our look.

There are several really important celebrations in our destiny and undoubtedly wedding is one of them. Most girls imagine their weddings in details when they are still 20 years old. They know what dress they will wear, what makeup they will have and other significant details. Unfortunately, most girls don’t know how old they will be and don’t plan to have some plastic surgeries. Especially for the wedding. In Singapore, the average age for first marriage is 29 years old. We have listed several plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures that you can have easily before your wedding, without the fear that something can get wrong.

Improve your facial structure

Dermal fillers are used to give the face some lost volume or to contour it properly. Fillers are injected under the upper skin layer with a needle and the procedure is almost painless. Most people don’t need recovery time and there are no visible scars after the procedure except a little dot from the needle. If you want to change a little your face there is no more perfect time, than before your wedding. This way you will have an amazing fresh look at your wedding day. However, different substances can be injected under your skin but the length of the procedure is the same and there is not a recovery time at all.

Draw your eyebrows

Microblading is not a new procedure anymore. Most women are with microblading or planning to have one. The truth is that having perfect eyebrows is not a rocket science and every woman wants to save some time and skip monthly plucking. Thanks to the microblade technology you can have them for less than 2 hours. Of course, your skin will be red several days so for this procedure you will definitely need one week recovery time. Of course, some people manage to recover faster but it depends on the patient’s body. We all know that eyebrows can make someone’s face more highlighted or to ruin it completely. Specialists will choose and draw the shape of your eyebrows and the client has to approve them only before the beginning of the procedure.


Dermal filler for your nose

Some people have amazing noses but the reality is that most don’t so 70% of women want to improve their nose but don’t want to have a surgery. Nose job surgery is not an easy one and people avoid it as long as it is possible. However, there are several ways to improve your nose with dermal fillers. The specialist will inject a filler on the right spot where is needed and the shape of the nose will be improved.  Of course, the dermal filler is a temporary decision so you if you want to have a nose job surgery you still can have it.

Look good on wedding photos

Every woman wants to be the most beautiful bride thanks to plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures this dream is completely possible. For me, one of the most important things was to look amazing on the wedding photos because they are what we will save as a memory. As you may guess, the photographer and the quality photos are really important, too. We had a GIF photo booth at our wedding and it was the best idea ever. Not only I was amazed at my new eyebrows but GIF photos were amazing, too. If you are planning your wedding, you can check and the wedding photo booth service they are offering. They will make gorgeous photos but how you will look it is up to you. There is nothing to be ashamed if you want to improve your look for your wedding so read again this article and make a decision what you would like to change.