Vaser Liposuction make me love my reflection

vaser liposuction results

I have always hated my tummy, but after 2 pregnancies things got worse. I have tried to eat healthy food, stop drinking soda and alcohol. The result was disappointing. I have read that every diet needs time to start working but I suppose waiting is not my thing. Eventually, I quit.

My best friend made me go to the gym. I can`t explain to you how awful this feeling was – especially all the sweating. After two weeks of gym exercises and running and squatting, everything I got was stiffness. My weight wasn`t changed at all. I explained the whole situation to my doctor and he recommended me to see a surgeon. This was an unexpected idea. Most of the people, who had procedures, are too foppish and the idea of me having a liposuction was really disturbing.

They offered me a vaser liposuction which I have never heard of it before

It is a new method, which removes fatty deposits. Vaser liposuction is also called LipoSelection because you could use it for selective body parts. Almost everyone is suitable for this procedure if he is in good health and physical condition. It is important to know that you should use this kind of lipo if you want just to contour or sculpture your body. There are lots of other different methods if you want to lose weight.

The procedure itself uses sound waves to maintain fat deposits. The surgeon uses probes, situated in the fatty tissue and breaking it. It seems like ultrasound was really helpful for contouring your body. Usually, one local anesthetic is used during the surgery, but if you feel pain after the procedure your surgeon could give you one more.

The main difference between Vaser and traditional liposuction is that Vaser technique is smoother

If your surgeon is really experienced he will control the whole situation carefully. Of course, traditional liposuction is for losing weight, not only for sculpturing. So before you choose one of them you should know exactly what your purposes are – mine was to get rid of that tummy once and forever.

Except for tummy, people use Vaser liposuction for tights, arms, knees, and chest, special cases are neck and chin. The procedure should be executed in a hospital or in a doctor`s office. There is no need for the general anesthetic.  It is important to know all the details of the procedure before the big day. Your surgeon should explain it to you carefully and if you have additional questions you should ask him. There is nothing to be afraid of if you want to get your pretty reflection back.

I was preparing myself 2 weeks before the treatment. I have read and watched every single material on the web. Actually, this is not so rare procedure and there are a lot of people who have done it. I was calmer when I found out that I am not the only one. Of course, I was not prepared financially for the surgery so this was a little hard but I`ve managed to find all the money. Although the cost is not an enormous one, it can be hard to find it if you don`t have savings. My family is not saving type family, so I have found a moneylender in Singapore and applied for a loan. I know some of us maybe feel a little awkward to get a loan for a plastic surgery but the procedure was easy, the interest rate was not so big and the moneylender was polite. If you are looking for a licensed moneylender in Singapore, I strongly recommend using directory.

My kids and my husband gave me all their support during the procedure. I was with a local anesthetic so I talked with them on the phone half of the time. My surgeon encouraged me that this communication will make me braver. The procedure wasn`t as painful as I expected.



When I woke up on the other morning I felt a little pain, though. The recovery was uncomfortable – I felt like I was not in my skin. Hopefully, this was one-time effect and I forgot about it very next day. At first, I didn`t see a lot of difference, but a week later I managed to spot it. Before the surgery, I made “before” photo, which I compared with one I took a week after the surgery. There was a difference!

Now my next project is Vaser liposuction on my tights. Wish me luck!